Vauxhall Viva HA SL

Fuel type
Exterior Colour
Interior Colour
Red Vinyl

Vauxhall’s HA series Viva's have in recent times become exceedingly rare cars to come to the thriving classic car market. Our Viva is the much better equipped upmarket SL model, again even more rare than the standard HA model. This car was registered on the 25th July 1966 with the supplying dealer being Main Road Garage (Sutton Bridge) Ltd Spalding Lincolnshire. We think this is the earlier HA SL and not the HA SL90 model.
This viva SL is now 55 years old but even so she wears her years extremely well. Quite clearly our Viva's past owners have looked after, cherished and lavished much attention on the car over the years.
Structurally?….. absolutely 100% sound, most probably had extra underseal protection as well as waxoyl right from being brand new. After close inspection of the underside whilst being on our workshop ramp we are confident that this Viva has never needed nor received any welding throughout her 55 year life.
this car has never been apart or restored, everything including washers, clips, grommets screws etc are of the correct factory items and all in their right places.

The interior, engine bay and boot area can all be described in the same way.

Inside the car we have original seats with no rips or cigarette burns insight. The carpet is original and excellent too, so are all the door cards. In fact we believe the interior to be pretty much as mint as mint can be. The boot area is very clean, no rust and shiny original grey paint on the boot floor and rear wheel arches. The factory supplied black boot mat is still doing its job and in excellent condition.
The under bonnet area is very clean and tidy. Again, shiny original grey paint can still be seen under the bonnet lid and on the inner wings and slam panel.
The engine is nice and clean with all its original ancillaries as per factory.
Mechanically on the button. The 1057cc engine is whisper quiet, the four speed gearbox is smooth and precise with clutch action as it should be. The differential gives out no sound. The four wheel drum brakes still pull the car up nicely with no drama.
The body panels are believed to be all original and are still solid in all areas. To be quiet honest it’s just the paint work that’s not quite perfect. If I was a betting man I'd say that some factory paint is still present but the paint is starting to show its age. It could be easily repainted and then the car would look like a new shiny pin. However, I'm not sure that’s the right way to go on such an original, unmolested car. I think it’s absolutely perfect as it is and people who have seen and talked about the car tend to say leave it just as it is. It’s a big part of its charm ….. and it’s only original once. Once that originality is gone it’s gone.
Little history of this cars life has been retained surprisingly. I’m sure somewhere in someone’s house their is a thick folder of paperwork relating to this particular Viva. What we do have of course is a V5 stating that there has been 8 former keepers. We have the original factory supplied handbook and also the Vauxhall Guardian maintenance for the Viva book. According to the book this car has (mileage wise) a full service history. The last service states that it was done ( by no other than the original supplying dealer) at 71109 albeit in 1989. However if we manage to obtain a new oil filter we will engine service this vehicle ourselves. Everything else about the car has been checked, adjusted and greased as necessary.
So there we have it. She’s just nice! A nice thing to own and enjoy and with the benefit of being about as cheap as classic car motoring can be.
She’s m.o.t exempt, the road licence costs nothing and classic car insurance is a pittance on a car like this.
Our ramp can be made available should you wish to scrutinise the underside of the Vauxhall. We are also happy to m.o.t this car should you wish.
For sale at £6950. We believe in today’s UK classic car market this represents excellent value.
We will consider any classic or modern car in part exchange for our little Viva.
Delivery anywhere in the UK or Europe can be arranged at the buyers cost.
Tel. Andrew on 07999 106898 if you think our Viva is of interest to you.


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