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This Volkswagen Beetle, first registered on the 25th June 1971 started out as a normal 1200cc model, hence the early style lights, front apron, bumpers and head lining style.
Still around and going as strong as ever 50 years later this Beetle is now powered by the wonderful, more potent and useable 1641cc Beetle motor. The engine runs strong and sounds as it should. On removing the valve covers to set the tappets…. Something that’s often over looked but critical to these little engines…. It was noticed that recently two new cylinder heads have been fitted, on closer inspection I believe that the engine hasn’t done much mileage since receiving a major overhaul. It has absolutely no end float, doesn’t breath at all and generally goes like the clappers when pressed. No clutch judder that usually suggests oil seal leaks. Just a nice strong engine and gearbox that will see this Beetle travel many more classic VW miles in the future…… All the correct tin ware and heat levels are there and running on the correct 34 pict Solex Carburettor.
This little Bug has recently received new heat exchangers that are correctly plumbed up to the channels with all control levers working as they should. The interior can get genuinely warm and toasty without the usual exhaust fume smell.
The cars underside was found to be rock solid upon inspection. Professional welding repairs have been carried out a few years ago to a high standard of which the receipts for this work can be found in the file.
It looks to have had both channels put in and a couple of localised repairs. Please note… Someone’s made a cracking job of this and not the amateur drive way repairs that so often can be found under very thick underseal.
The frame head, rear closing panels, heater channels, inner wings and floor panels are rot free and need for nothing. I can assure you this Beetles structure is a good solid base.
That said the bodywork tries to tell a little different story. She’s showing a little rust around the edges of some of the panels but in all honesty the rough and ready look, whilst not for everyone can be very appealing to some VW enthusiasts these days. For once this is a Beetle that is all structurally solid without looking like it is. The classic car market has lots of shiny cars that look great on the outside but are full of bodges that have been made over the years and so are not nearly as sound as they seem…. No hidden agenda here!
This Beetle is literally the opposite.. Yes she has blisters, rust scabs and the odd scratch about her but to the hands on enthusiast four new wings and a couple of secondhand doors would see this car in paint very easily indeed. Parts very easy to obtain and easy to fit… just bolt on. The rest of the body is all good and sound.
She also boasts 4 original and sought after VW Marathon wheels with the (rare) centre caps. All four tyres are nearly new. 175/ 65/ 15… two Kumhos on the rear with expensive Continentals up front.
The interior is quite nice for an old Bug. Not perfect but very presentable.

Gear changes are nice, no whines or clunks.
Has a fully adjustable solid front beam (axle).
Front brake discs and calipers conversion is a recent addition.
Front and rear bumpers are stainless steel and in excellent order being newish items.

This Beetle is not a mint car but soon could be with a little effort. What it does have is a very solid (especially in all the right places) structure and chassis, the right engine, working heaters, an excellent stance and generally presentable.
The engine in this car alone can command strong money from VW enthusiasts, that considered it makes this Bug a very reasonably priced classic car.
Comes with a large folder full of old receipts. Road tax and MOT exempt she’s ready to just drive away and enjoy.
Also £200 worth of desirable Denso roof rack comes with this car.

Anyone that’s interested in this VW I would advise and welcome a view to satisfy yourself. A ramp can also be made available for underneath inspection.

On sale at £4295. 00…. UK delivery available at your cost.

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